Recreating the life, the skills, and the combat of the Viking Age (793 – 1066 AD) across the shores of Toronto, Ontario and beyond.
We bring history to life through education and entertainment with authentic crafts, goods, and the arts of warfare!



In December of 2002, Torvik, like most successful Viking groups, was founded in a pub.

June 2003 marks the date Torvik officially joined the UK based organization The Vikings. As members of this society, we have at taken to our advantage the experience of those who have sailed before us, and becoming one of the founding groups of The Vikings – Vinland, the North American branch of the society which spans Canada and US.

Authenticity is our goal. Fabric, materials, dyes and even techniques are chosen on a historic basis: everything from archaeological finds to rune stones and tapestries, to the literature of the sagas are drawn upon for inspiration and recreation. Jewelry, accessories, armour, weapons, and tools are all based on original pieces, materials, and artistic styles. Home life is also accurately portrayed through living quarters, dishes, utensils, food and furniture.

Wherever possible we make our own clothing, accessories, and tools. Each member is encouraged to learn a trade or two, such as weaving, sewing, wood or leather working, blacksmithing, making jewelry or cooking. Some items, such as our weapons, are made by professionals.

Our mission is to set up an immersive environment where the past spills out into the present in every way possible, creating a place where history is truly lived rather than just learned.