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Shooting for the museum special of The Storyteller, which was projected on the walls of the Yorkshire Museum in the UK. (Video link in image)

Torvik has been active for well over a decade and has had the honour of participating in a multitude of events – exhibits ranging from small to large in scale, historical symposium talks, festivals, birthday warrior training, even video shoots for the Yorkshire Museum and a local music video.

If you are looking for a performance unlike one you’ve ever seen before, you will be happy to know that:

– We are insured :)
– We are available for both public and private events, across Canada and the US.
– We are capable of providing performances or talks on numerous subjects, and are a hit among museums, schools, and cultural events.
– We are able to maintain the living history aspect even when camping during multiple day events.

SnorriFor bookings, details and quotes, contact our Skald, Snorri the Calico.