02200928Trained and ready, our warriors are prone to engage in mortal combat for both your entertainment and education!
Learn about every weapon the vikings used on the battlefield while watching it up close and personal as they are demonstrated live! Experience the thrill of combat through the clanging of swords and bashing of shields.

We honour the old gods by calling upon them for a glorious battle, and bring our dead back to life with a hail to the Allfather, the One-Eyed God of War: Odin himself!


Join us in battle!

We hold training meets open to the public once a month on Sunday afternoons at High Park, and we welcome everyone to come meet the group and find out what we are all about.

Basic requirements include a steel, iron, or heavy leather helmet, and a pair of leather-padded gloves protecting the whole hand and wrist. All weapons used must be blunt and meet The Vikings society standards. For newcomers we will be happy to provide all necessary equipment which can over time be acquired individually should one decide to join our ranks. Our training consists of learning to use all kinds of weapons and gear that the Vikings used: spears, axes, swords, knives (seaxes), shields, bows and arrows, etc. The training is primarily based on Vikings UK guidelines described in the training manual of The Vikings but is not limited to it; we also draw from many other sources, including later medieval fencing techniques and modern research into the subject of historical combat.